Cold days and even colder nights
Money somehow still divide, while my problems multiply
Add in all these hos, these haters, the snakes
The lies, subtract all the real until it's fake
So I keep my eyes, buck wide
Don't quit, crunch time
Things are hard, don't come easy, gotta wait ya turn, lunch line
Claiming the gold but got coal in my bag
Feel like my future controlling my past
Thinking bout music, I know I can do it but visions is all that I have
Take a break, I should but if I do then i'd be slipping
Cause then some other fool can slide into my position
That i'm holding, hoping for granted they will never take me
They views 32 bit but i'm in HD
That's why they can't compute what i'm say-ing
Living like a movie in my mind that's why i'm play-ing
Fast forward the sad shit, pass the past tense I remain G
Living in my future through my thoughts, my visions

Hook: Soaring up, but something pulling down/ Trying to get my feet up off the ground/ I'm living through my visions thinking I gotta make it to the top, get positioned in that legendary spot/ (x2)

If perception is the view, I can definitely choose
My path amongst the heavens, never let my spirit lose
Any control i'm willing to own up, feel on my own but
Got a few people, who through all the evils, I consider them equal
In conscious, so my conscious evolves all of my content
So on tour, the crowd roars go so hard they mosh pit
Screaming my name, repping the FAME Gang
Wanna come up on the same stage, I happen to maintain
They want my autograph, an instant photo flash, so they can show their friends and use that shit brag
Then tell them bout the fun the after party had, the crazed amount of liquor, the marijuana bags
But this was just a thought, I had inside my head
Keep living through my visions, imagine life so grand but then
I gotta wake up, see my life the way it is, never live this way again, I have to reach my visions


-Bass rides out-


from ETERNAL (Existing Through Exhibition Remaining Neutral Accepting Life), released August 15, 2014
Written by Rob Doe & Produced by TenEightyP with Bass Guitar by Jay Lowman




Rob Doe Michigan

Michigan native and lover of traditional hip hop; Rob Doe creatively finds a way to blend hardcore rap with vivid lyricism, often times "painting a picture with words". He says, "it's all about the audio visuals...a concept that's lost on many today". From the fast hard hitting lyrics to the well paced emotional filled stories, one thing is for sure. Rob Doe is a name you're sure to start hearing. ... more

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