Hook: See us coming, why you fronting, know you haters hating that/ catch us stunting, yo ho blushing, cause she wanna give the cat/ I'm a hustler, i'm a grinder, i'm a soldier, i'm a shiner/ addicted to this money so the hoes be right behind us/ [WE stunting (stunting) x8]

Stunting's my priority, decisions I will make without a sense of high authority, stop it, can't check mine
So next time you cats try to snatch mine it's flex time
Bet I, give your girl that TLC and I aint talking left eye
Fools will remain losers, aint pick the game it came choosing
The way I make my music give these haters lame excuses
Stunt with my progression, eat these rappers up for breakfast
They aint smart, only acting like they are
Give em just a little cash I bet they cash out on a car
Til they crash and now they planning to walk right back where they start-ted from, niggas dumb
That's the sum up of my observation, i'ma keep on stunting gaining bunches of this money that is coming
Hands out, fucking life, pants down, let her scream
Gotta work for money but i'm tryna make this money come work for me
Hercules, strong rate, if i'm on the scene you in the wrong place
Talking bout you blowing up so how the fuck my bomb aint


Big ol slimy ass snake ass
Tryna get behind me tryna slide my wallet up out my pocket, bitch ass
Sucka mothafuck betta tuck and duck cause i'm sending shockwaves up you nigga spines, check it
My grind modifies what your mind suggests, stunt with my stocks what you drop on a necklace
Young Robby Rob, nigga under 25 aint rich but guarantee major chips by 26
Ok, hold up, I shouldn't tell them that though (why), cause wack hos try to plot their life on your cash flow (word)
Learn the name, next you should learn ya lane
Everything I do will say success bitch!
Middle finger up to where you resting
Bitch i'm saying fuck YOUR life that's no suggestion
I would probably fuck YOUR wife if she suggest it
Stunting with investments, motivation I guess it's not infectious


Bagging up, smoky zips, stunting getting hella blazed
Respect is what i'm hungry for, the money's just the marinade
Revenue I gotta chase, suckas playing patty cake with money now aint that a shame
Fame Gang OBE the squad, that will never change
Don't induct or introduce, make money with mine is what i'm meant to do
Hinder me useless, can't happen, you stupid, aint rapping, i'm moving
This package you don't acknowledge as music can do shit
Move out, create new routes that paint you out
Then drop more new shit, you too ashamed to chew out
Your best songs get harmed by the old shit I threw out
Stunting with mine, tell me what YOU bout


from ETERNAL (Existing Through Exhibition Remaining Neutral Accepting Life), released August 15, 2014
Written by Rob Doe & Produced by TenEightyP with Bass Guitar by Jay Lowman




Rob Doe Michigan

Michigan native and lover of traditional hip hop; Rob Doe creatively finds a way to blend hardcore rap with vivid lyricism, often times "painting a picture with words". He says, "it's all about the audio visuals...a concept that's lost on many today". From the fast hard hitting lyrics to the well paced emotional filled stories, one thing is for sure. Rob Doe is a name you're sure to start hearing. ... more

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