Playa no boundaries, money making saving dough, keep hating if you want, got a gang of folk round me
Michigan marauder dubbed, you cannot pardon us
You need rims to look fly, i'm fresh walking up
Oh you got bread? You wanna squabble that? Big bank take lil bank watch me rob it back
Now who is stacked? Nigga not you, if I was tryna be wack I would watch you
How your girl on my (boooooi!) backside, damn your girl on my (boooooi!) that's right
And I aint even got a chain on, she just saw my dick and figured it was something to hang on
Just like a whole bunch you bitches, I hate fake niggas it's a bunch you bitches
And if I made the choice to start to bust on you bitches, it would be a whole ocean full of blood from you bitches

Hook: Michigan marauder for that ass, niggas talking nonsense I don't listen/ Everyday I hear new hater, see a new hater both hands together say your prayers/ Bitch i'm Doe! Michigan marauder for that ass niggas talking nonsense I don't listen/ Everyday I hear a new hater, see a new hater, both hands together say ya prayers/

Catch me puffing on the diesel, chilling with the heat on
Your girl i'm bout to freak on, she easy like a free throw
Caught her with some smooth shit, said I was a rapper
Told her bout my resume, now she bending backwards
Said I was on tour and that I am not a joke
That was easy, I was lying, now i'm sliding down her throat
Been made without contracts, turn big niggas compact
I strive to be an individual you are my contrast
I bring the heat, P he made the beat, WE militia force, beyond navy fleet
My palm's my armory, I write with fucking missiles
Aim at your abdomen so if you duck I will not miss you
My words they twist the stomach, my shit's disgusting
You know who I am, need no introduction
With that said, i'll do it anyway
Michigan I represent, now what's my fucking name, Doe!


Got damn it i'm running this game, going insane, in need of this green, talking bout cake
Keep on maneuvering through all the hate, bitch I rep that FAME Gang
Bang off like ratchets, click clack get back bitch, my shit go so hard they scream on yo God
Wanna call me something but a savage is the so far
Lollipop niggas getting cracked might need a crobar
To straighten out they mothafucking necks from when they rock with mine
Some say i'm overdue, I say bout fucking time
Doe bitch, i'm the one yo ho with
You kissing on her lips not realizing she blowing dick
You mad for what nigga, you a regular fake
I got you pissed, now you bitch at irregular rates, dammmmn
Why this nigga on his period? I was getting lyrical and he was getting serious
Flame spitta, forever ripping the flow
FAME Gang OBE CEO name is Doe



from ETERNAL (Existing Through Exhibition Remaining Neutral Accepting Life), released August 15, 2014
Written by Rob Doe & Produced by TenEightyP with Bass Guitar by Jay Lowman




Rob Doe Michigan

Michigan native and lover of traditional hip hop; Rob Doe creatively finds a way to blend hardcore rap with vivid lyricism, often times "painting a picture with words". He says, "it's all about the audio visuals...a concept that's lost on many today". From the fast hard hitting lyrics to the well paced emotional filled stories, one thing is for sure. Rob Doe is a name you're sure to start hearing. ... more

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