Fresher than a summer eve evening, chilling with a bad one
Windows down, cooling out laughing
Going for a ride through the city blowing haze, floating smooth
My colors coordinating with tunes
Looking to the right, super bad girl looking nice
With her for the day and I can't wait until tonight
Coconut ciroc got a brother feeling nice
Coolest fella out, where the ice?
All this shining, got me chilled out feeling timeless
Plus her pretty face got me smiling and she aint even trying
She just being there by my side it's, something bout her aura I aint finding
Which is why i'm lost in her eyes, not often surprised but I can tell she's an angel just off her design
Yes her blueprint divine and this day is a breeze, boy I hope this day never leaves


Kushed out, or maybe kushed up
Pockets not empty and my wallet cushioned
I might take this chick hit the stu and make a song
Leave from out of there, grab a hotel suite and get it on
Just chilling, aint seen money cops
Saw me looking fresh and even though i'm black he didn't stop
Instead he shook his head to the tunes that I was playing
And I was playing me, i'm just saying
This day aint had a bad thing yet, it usually gets
Bad to worst but today isn't
Is it me or am I beyond free, of stress and this dime piece don't mind where my mind seeks
She smooth, hanging along for the ride
No complaining she complacent here as we glide
Vibes cool pay no attention to time, can't believe it, this day has been the perfect surprise


The day is coming to a closure, was peaceful, i'm sad though
Wishing the sun would give an encore
Look into the sky, not an eyesore vivid
More like the moon trying to shine exclusively on the car that I sit in
This is unbelievable, if my life was a movie today this channel i'd have to leave it on
Hitting the hotel up, but not before she finish rolling the blanket used to warm up my buds,
Uh, we on the way to room now, feeling fired up but soon enough gone hit the cool down
In the jacuzz now, bubbles up smooth now
Moist towel at the door, made the smoke sooth out
And even though neighbors smell a little smoke
They aint even tripping they just leaving us alone
Such a good day, let the kush bake on my lips
Damn she looking hella moist, it's time to take a sip

-Final Break-


from ETERNAL (Existing Through Exhibition Remaining Neutral Accepting Life), released August 15, 2014
Written by Rob Doe & Produced by TenEightyP with Bass Guitar by Jay Lowman




Rob Doe Michigan

Michigan native and lover of traditional hip hop; Rob Doe creatively finds a way to blend hardcore rap with vivid lyricism, often times "painting a picture with words". He says, "it's all about the audio visuals...a concept that's lost on many today". From the fast hard hitting lyrics to the well paced emotional filled stories, one thing is for sure. Rob Doe is a name you're sure to start hearing. ... more

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