Sometimes i'm tryna chill with my homies and blow the weed
Without thinking I can be in the streets making fetty
Or with some bad bitch whose head sloppy spaghetti
Mind of a ruler, Caesar flow, hot and ready
Ill nigga, still niggas, who hate real niggas
Cause real niggas aint ill enough to still deal witcha
Move fast with progression, success is your best weapon
Refrain from half stepping, they chained to adolescence
With dreams of fucking hos, cars on 24's
I suppose i'm supposed to support that
Sometimes I wish I could give brains abortions, to abort the horseshit that makes us fly but poor pissed
DAMN, I should've been a pimp, controlling people easy use this money as a whip
So bitch, get your ass on the stage make it shake for my fucking rent money
I'm about to make it rain aint ashamed

Hook: Ayyyyye! could this song contain a message?/ I don't really know but I got these niggas stepping/ Get money, get money, I get money/ You niggas half balling, spending your rent money/ (x2)

My pimping been official as a nigga with a whistle, not a topic for you clockers to start clocking my position
If her ass contain a fatty, she gotta let it shake
Got em throwing money at her just to stay up in her face
If you got a personality know we don't give a damn\
We just know we got this money bitch, come get it from the hands of your master
Shake that booty faster, doing something later got a way to get you extra
Plenty hos here but yo ass looking right
Don't care about your mind or your kids, i'm just trying to get it in
Now she thinking i'm a dick from how I flash in her face
But she fuck a nigga quick to get the cash anyway
All it takes is chubby pockets just to get these bitches loose
But start complaining when we don't love em the same way parents do....
Now think about that for a minute



from ETERNAL (Existing Through Exhibition Remaining Neutral Accepting Life), released August 15, 2014
Written by Rob Doe & Produced by TenEightyP with Bass Guitar by Jay Lowman




Rob Doe Michigan

Michigan native and lover of traditional hip hop; Rob Doe creatively finds a way to blend hardcore rap with vivid lyricism, often times "painting a picture with words". He says, "it's all about the audio visuals...a concept that's lost on many today". From the fast hard hitting lyrics to the well paced emotional filled stories, one thing is for sure. Rob Doe is a name you're sure to start hearing. ... more

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