ETERNAL (Existing Through Exhibition Remaining Neutral Accepting Life)

by Rob Doe

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    Art, Expression, Passion...what I feel is ETERNAL

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A lot of time and effort went into this project; I've actually been trying to release this since 2012, but sometimes things happen that are out of your control and you just have to deal with it. However, beyond all of that, it is finally here and i'd like to thank you all for taking the time to listen to it. I really hope you enjoy it and come to appreciate it the same way I have over the last year and a half. I've always told Pita, "this is a classic man", and I still hold true to that believe. So, spread the love and keep the positive energy flowing because, although life is temporary, spiritually we are all ETERNAL.


released August 15, 2014

R. Ransey; M. Seger; C. Holmes; J. Lowman




Rob Doe Michigan

Michigan native and lover of traditional hip hop; Rob Doe creatively finds a way to blend hardcore rap with vivid lyricism, often times "painting a picture with words". He says, "it's all about the audio visuals...a concept that's lost on many today". From the fast hard hitting lyrics to the well paced emotional filled stories, one thing is for sure. Rob Doe is a name you're sure to start hearing. ... more

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Track Name: The Intro

Allow me to introduce ya to ya future
Play me for my plate, you get swole like the face on Rasputia
Can't tell a fake homie, you aint with the games so he
Pause in his place tryna pray for the cake funny
How when promoting this potent upholstery of lyric decorating
Feel it's time to desecrate him, nevermind or pay him patience
Lowman please give him a face lift, bass hit, quicker then a fiend in the basement
Vision on the green, feel obscene when I aint lit
Up like a Christmas tree above fellow St. Nick
Arsony i'm burning every part of thee exposed
Start with me and end with all of your arteries exposed
Jesus he just killed like three hundred rap niggas
Axe murderer swing and leave with their back twisted
Animal tension i'm hannibal cannibalistic
Feasting my enemies, beats just a part of the interest
Adding percentage, I handle my business, when me and TenEightyP and Lowman get at it you finished
You mad it's intended for you to be wack in attendance
Loving every word I say but actually acting offended
Kinda funny, dummies don't wanna fund me, just find me unlucky enough to come judge me, fuck em all leave em bloodied
And battered up, tell them the battles up, Seger grabbing the rope and the keys and he got a truck, cattles strung
Track Name: Super Loud
Yeah...FAME Gang...Aye

Marijuana blowing hard as fuck up in these paper planes
Non exotic Obama ganja ya'll betta make a change up
Hardly can they ever phase us, how you blowing super loud, your shit has no flavor
And your shit is made of, a whole lot of green
Some compliments of brown, that weed aint from a plant you got that wack shit from the ground
This is how it's going down, we aint matching up no sticks, til your weed look something like this
My shit bright orange, purple with that blue, smelling like that stank, but tasting like some fruit
Dense as fuck, break that down i'm tensing up
Floating cause i'm high as hell, might as well see heaven bruh
Take a smell my cologne, favored by them hippie chicks
So if your chick smoke, you should probably tell your ho to get home
Instead of being mad that I am who your chick chose, she in love with the smoke I sip on...nigga

Hook: Marijuana blowing hard as fuck up in these paper planes, non exotic Obama ganja ya'll betta make a change up/ Hardly can they ever phase us, how you blowing super loud, your shit has no flavor/

Super Cali blowing on some incredibly dope shit
If you don't really smoke, I am not the one you should blow with
Pick a pack, any flavor I suggest, might just make your head explode
Either that, or quit the smoke
These hos need blunts, don't smoke papers, they say they can't get high
So I quickly grip my water pipe bring flame and say wah-lah
Look it's magic, eyes look like Japan kids, which just means the green I bring is rated at outstanding
Damn I guess i'm dynamite, oh my weed you are tryna light
Yo face I kinda like, plus I love your body type, what that vagina like?
Let's make a trade, my hedges for your bush
Why you acting brand new, got some Cali OG Kush
Do I see you as a ho no, but you not fine you so so
So with that said, you can either leave or let that throat go
She looking pissed but she wanna fuck regardless
Wet as hell while a nigga smoking coughing

Hook (x2)
Track Name: Say Ya Prayers
Playa no boundaries, money making saving dough, keep hating if you want, got a gang of folk round me
Michigan marauder dubbed, you cannot pardon us
You need rims to look fly, i'm fresh walking up
Oh you got bread? You wanna squabble that? Big bank take lil bank watch me rob it back
Now who is stacked? Nigga not you, if I was tryna be wack I would watch you
How your girl on my (boooooi!) backside, damn your girl on my (boooooi!) that's right
And I aint even got a chain on, she just saw my dick and figured it was something to hang on
Just like a whole bunch you bitches, I hate fake niggas it's a bunch you bitches
And if I made the choice to start to bust on you bitches, it would be a whole ocean full of blood from you bitches

Hook: Michigan marauder for that ass, niggas talking nonsense I don't listen/ Everyday I hear new hater, see a new hater both hands together say your prayers/ Bitch i'm Doe! Michigan marauder for that ass niggas talking nonsense I don't listen/ Everyday I hear a new hater, see a new hater, both hands together say ya prayers/

Catch me puffing on the diesel, chilling with the heat on
Your girl i'm bout to freak on, she easy like a free throw
Caught her with some smooth shit, said I was a rapper
Told her bout my resume, now she bending backwards
Said I was on tour and that I am not a joke
That was easy, I was lying, now i'm sliding down her throat
Been made without contracts, turn big niggas compact
I strive to be an individual you are my contrast
I bring the heat, P he made the beat, WE militia force, beyond navy fleet
My palm's my armory, I write with fucking missiles
Aim at your abdomen so if you duck I will not miss you
My words they twist the stomach, my shit's disgusting
You know who I am, need no introduction
With that said, i'll do it anyway
Michigan I represent, now what's my fucking name, Doe!


Got damn it i'm running this game, going insane, in need of this green, talking bout cake
Keep on maneuvering through all the hate, bitch I rep that FAME Gang
Bang off like ratchets, click clack get back bitch, my shit go so hard they scream on yo God
Wanna call me something but a savage is the so far
Lollipop niggas getting cracked might need a crobar
To straighten out they mothafucking necks from when they rock with mine
Some say i'm overdue, I say bout fucking time
Doe bitch, i'm the one yo ho with
You kissing on her lips not realizing she blowing dick
You mad for what nigga, you a regular fake
I got you pissed, now you bitch at irregular rates, dammmmn
Why this nigga on his period? I was getting lyrical and he was getting serious
Flame spitta, forever ripping the flow
FAME Gang OBE CEO name is Doe

Track Name: Hard Work/Betta Run
Hard Work:

Fame Gang it's that OBE, shit on other rappers I know I need
Pepto, but i'm stealing this hos like kleptos and we running these tracks like let's go
I let go, now they all attached like legos, my swag beat that, lame nigga, tweet that
Hashtag, beast mode, yo home I sit
Your chick, her mouth, my pants, unzipped (uh oh)
Her throat, filled with my pearl
Was my ho, still your girl
Aint that a shame you kiss that broad
A wedding ring what you get that for?
Because you love her? I love her too, up under them covers I come into
I slide in her, cum and I'm out
Not of your girl, the whole fucking house
You come home, nowhere i'm found, wow
That girl is still wetting the gown, thinking bout me while you trying to pound
Texting bout how my hard dick she was down for, clown your, stroke never eva gone match mine
I work hard like full games, while you take breaks like halftime
And now it's back to the bread cho, you stuck in your ways, i'm stuck in my zone
Your pocket and money cannot get along
Start copying me and go write you a song....BITCH


Betta Run:

Mr. Pimpalicious my shit is legit fam, see your chick is ridiculous thick i'm bout to hit that/
To the side leaning something slick and she has peeped this, now my swag got her leaning hard just like a kickstand yeah/


Motown born nigga please don't hate, open up my lips let the game go spray
And I aint even gotta rush she gone wait, get drawn from the look on the young boy face
Since i'm Rob Doe dough Doe gone make, pimp game strong got the blood in my veins
Swear she betta run like her feet tap still, before she get caught in my trap right chea
Cause that's not quite like this right here, and this right here, is just that deal
She feel what she feeling right now is inside her mind can't decide cause it can't be real
Claiming that this your girl right? alright come and get yo chick before I
Give a dose of the spell, put on she can tell, this nigga stay fresh, she confirmed by the smell


Mathematician with the women I meet, the numbers add up slow-er than a jet which still means quick
Cause once we meet she'll still need this
Got her heart running quick while still we sit
I may be wrong but she may be addicted to this cause if she isn't and get this dick it's
Over, for what you cherish, change yo steez put the blame on me don't do that
I aint make her become a nudist for the duet
Between her and I, well between you and I what's between her thighs you couldn't tame anyhow but still
I aint force her here, tried to call you up to report her here, but you aint come
If you aint dumb, you would call her up and hope she leaves but she can't run

[song plays]

Outro: Mr pimpalicious my shit is legit fam, see yo chick is ridiculous thick i'm bout to hit that/ to the side leaning something slick and she has peeped this/ now my swag got her leaning hard, just like a kickstand yeah/
Track Name: Stuntin'
Hook: See us coming, why you fronting, know you haters hating that/ catch us stunting, yo ho blushing, cause she wanna give the cat/ I'm a hustler, i'm a grinder, i'm a soldier, i'm a shiner/ addicted to this money so the hoes be right behind us/ [WE stunting (stunting) x8]

Stunting's my priority, decisions I will make without a sense of high authority, stop it, can't check mine
So next time you cats try to snatch mine it's flex time
Bet I, give your girl that TLC and I aint talking left eye
Fools will remain losers, aint pick the game it came choosing
The way I make my music give these haters lame excuses
Stunt with my progression, eat these rappers up for breakfast
They aint smart, only acting like they are
Give em just a little cash I bet they cash out on a car
Til they crash and now they planning to walk right back where they start-ted from, niggas dumb
That's the sum up of my observation, i'ma keep on stunting gaining bunches of this money that is coming
Hands out, fucking life, pants down, let her scream
Gotta work for money but i'm tryna make this money come work for me
Hercules, strong rate, if i'm on the scene you in the wrong place
Talking bout you blowing up so how the fuck my bomb aint


Big ol slimy ass snake ass
Tryna get behind me tryna slide my wallet up out my pocket, bitch ass
Sucka mothafuck betta tuck and duck cause i'm sending shockwaves up you nigga spines, check it
My grind modifies what your mind suggests, stunt with my stocks what you drop on a necklace
Young Robby Rob, nigga under 25 aint rich but guarantee major chips by 26
Ok, hold up, I shouldn't tell them that though (why), cause wack hos try to plot their life on your cash flow (word)
Learn the name, next you should learn ya lane
Everything I do will say success bitch!
Middle finger up to where you resting
Bitch i'm saying fuck YOUR life that's no suggestion
I would probably fuck YOUR wife if she suggest it
Stunting with investments, motivation I guess it's not infectious


Bagging up, smoky zips, stunting getting hella blazed
Respect is what i'm hungry for, the money's just the marinade
Revenue I gotta chase, suckas playing patty cake with money now aint that a shame
Fame Gang OBE the squad, that will never change
Don't induct or introduce, make money with mine is what i'm meant to do
Hinder me useless, can't happen, you stupid, aint rapping, i'm moving
This package you don't acknowledge as music can do shit
Move out, create new routes that paint you out
Then drop more new shit, you too ashamed to chew out
Your best songs get harmed by the old shit I threw out
Stunting with mine, tell me what YOU bout
Track Name: Swag Swoop (ft Phokuzd)
Hook: Swag Swoop, that's all a nigga do [x3] watch me swag on these hos as I swoop (repeat)

Rob Doe Verse:
I swag swoop then I hit em, after that I might forget em
Take pictures while i'm on yo side, use hos and don't know why
I can't commit, all these hos, they make me sick
Thinking that because I gave her dick this a relationship? Bitch take a hint
Don't take you out (text you plenty), never call (unless for pity)
Chill for maybe twenty minutes, then you let me get the panties
Swag swooping again, eyes look like I come from Japan
Feel just like a ninja turtle, puffing green and purple herbals yeah
Swag swoop, drink swag soup, of course i'm the shit
Who asked you, go so hard, of course i'm a dick
Unfortunately I was forced to exist
Get so sick over beats, damn man, i'm a corpse on this bitch
Epitome of what a zombie is probably
A nigga who has lost many things but still hungry
So if you think you really gone disprove what I said
And try to kill me off, i'm gone be the walking dead mothafucka


Phokuzd Verse:
Gave me head after the dinner that she paid for
Told me bout them kids that she had and won't stay for
Phone blow up, when we close just like a claymore
A relationship with, less relations that's what she pray for
But I won't be preyed on I stay gone
Call up my homeboy and three way from they phone (ayyye!)
Calling saying she want ME but I aint home
I'm at the mall all up on this fine ass redbone (come here girl)
Doing shit with this music is just my backbone
Eloquent when I speak, so pimping what I fall back on
Pac sun, that's the clothes, act dumb, ask the hos
Wax on, wax off, I wax ass my swag cold
Act like you aint know


Rob Doe Verse:
Swag swoop, black kangol hat nigga ask who
That isn't not on my level ho
Double negative I let a brother know i'm better yo
Ya'll better pause ya'll step before your jaw I wreck
Must applaud that you had enough heart in you at all
To restore your resolve from feeling all hard pressed
Bless mics heaven's rain red, pain is everyday
Fucking braindead, wrap flows like orangutan legs
Swagged out, swoop overtime, that's yo ho? oops nigga
Better step your game up, your girl wanna get swooped
Isn't it clear, you there she here, rather far from where you were
Don't be looking at mad, I don't see her with no tags....get yo bitch nigga, damn.


-transitions into Bass Guitar solo-
Track Name: Aye
Sometimes i'm tryna chill with my homies and blow the weed
Without thinking I can be in the streets making fetty
Or with some bad bitch whose head sloppy spaghetti
Mind of a ruler, Caesar flow, hot and ready
Ill nigga, still niggas, who hate real niggas
Cause real niggas aint ill enough to still deal witcha
Move fast with progression, success is your best weapon
Refrain from half stepping, they chained to adolescence
With dreams of fucking hos, cars on 24's
I suppose i'm supposed to support that
Sometimes I wish I could give brains abortions, to abort the horseshit that makes us fly but poor pissed
DAMN, I should've been a pimp, controlling people easy use this money as a whip
So bitch, get your ass on the stage make it shake for my fucking rent money
I'm about to make it rain aint ashamed

Hook: Ayyyyye! could this song contain a message?/ I don't really know but I got these niggas stepping/ Get money, get money, I get money/ You niggas half balling, spending your rent money/ (x2)

My pimping been official as a nigga with a whistle, not a topic for you clockers to start clocking my position
If her ass contain a fatty, she gotta let it shake
Got em throwing money at her just to stay up in her face
If you got a personality know we don't give a damn\
We just know we got this money bitch, come get it from the hands of your master
Shake that booty faster, doing something later got a way to get you extra
Plenty hos here but yo ass looking right
Don't care about your mind or your kids, i'm just trying to get it in
Now she thinking i'm a dick from how I flash in her face
But she fuck a nigga quick to get the cash anyway
All it takes is chubby pockets just to get these bitches loose
But start complaining when we don't love em the same way parents do....
Now think about that for a minute

Track Name: Transitions of Sadness
Intro: [talking]

Brothers killing everyday over money they never made
Believing they rob enough they potentially in the shade
But it's a shame, the truth is far as the sun
A mother's tears don't equal out a father's ruthless run
Broken hearts, mended halfway up but still split
Future father don't want kids but yet he still hit with no protection
His love stretch as far as your legs, his confession?
Could never give affection again
Just a lesson, to teach the next woman he fucks
Never fall for nice smiles start to google him up
Be acquainted with his past if he talking bout a future with ya
Might be safer to place ya bets in school tuition
Got a baby with her, busy need a babysitter
To watch her baby while she working late playing stripper
Hate her job but she love the paper
More than herself, she in love with hatred, and it all seems for [nothing]
But in her heart through the hardship, just being alive is all of the hard shit
[Nothing] is ever gone stop his path, doctor said he got a year to live he just had to laugh
[Heaven] is where they swear he is headed to
But in his mind it is time to rewind
Become refined as he finds himself
Right on queue like he timed himself
Young boy turned young man, father on the coke though
13 years old and his momma where he don't know
He is hitting the streets and she is hitting the sheets and they are praying to God but it seems
Like no matter what is taught, if it aint proved or it aint caught
What we think don't really matter should just do what we are taught (naw)
I'm like fuck that mentality standard, giving a middle finger where my pad and my pen is
Different stories but one life in the sauce, if life itself is the bank, then this Earth is the vault
And what that say about the universe? Cause even doctors have to check for your insurance first, before they help right?
Being stabbed with blunt blades that's what it felt like
Thinking bout the money yet achieved for my ex wife
When we split because my visions aren't just, happy apples and oranges, my arms up
To give submission to the life I call tough
This aint just my story this is what I call us
Flipping through facts as i'm sitting in traffic, nothing is ever bright in transitions of sadness
[Heaven] we all tryna make it there, and I aint talking pearly gates when I take it there
I'm just saying I aint saying enough, how can a man take a stance without standing up
[Heaven] it's where we all tryna make it to
But first life on this hellish Earth, damn it hurts
Ever heard the truth then even you would blow hella herb too
To make days you must work through, I think i'm
Killing them deeply although, music completes me
I would be completely, stupid to let it keep me
From preaching truth that don't involve church
Could go broke chasing this shit and it all hurts
Middle class nigga in a high or low society
Wanna hear that bullshit but they don't know inside of me
A monster rest undoubtedly ready to bust up out of me
And when that happens finally they'll see that they can't do nothing

-beat rides out-
Track Name: Oh No
Another Black Caucasian, Mexicano; gets gunned downed for drugs though we don't bring in none
As a human we are opportunist, chasing dreams but not pursuing
Realizing it's fuck laws when jobs are not employing students
The same brother with his bachelor, got a spatula, my competition for a McDonalds position? (please)
I'ma keep on rhyming all my feelings out, still endowed with dope shit if bitch niggas still in doubt
Proud niggas, regular loud posse of clowns who only around to get down with ya when ya on
Two face jokers approaching wanna be friendly, shrouded in smiles but want me ten deep
If my heart wasn't Mr. Freeze then it would offend me
So I bust flows like guns in the hood, til empty
But that's the problem, my clip is unlimited with knowledge
But stay ready for a civil war full of violence
Over beats I am a tyrant, you can never change that
You won't catch me sell my soul because you can't exchange back
Yes was born in the D and I aint scared to state facts
Said you left up out the hood to save it, never came back
Damn, that man not receiving blame from me
Nobody like to struggle dummy aint that plain to see
Hate the thought of getting away from the pain received
So we embrace bullshit to keep the pain at ease (word)

Hook: Oh No, how i'm gone, be a cool nigga when I see you suckas as my food?/ Oh No, how i'm gone, be a friend to you niggas as I win on you niggas?/ Finish line in my sight right now, got this money on my mind right now (now)/ Hold up, this bread, oh yes, they mad, oh well, oh no/

Panoramic fashions, consumers get consumed by pollution tv producers introducing (Yup!)
Step up with no questions, no hints thoughts or suggestions
Just blind shit, rather be told what the time is
Then they get told what the time was, now they wondering where the time went
Aint that a, shame how they mind aint backed up
Students scared to raise they hand, get teased for unknown answers
I bet ya, can't hang with a bunch of legendary folk, tryna make history what you think i'm rapping for
Back and forth is not something i'm acting towards
Gun pulling over Jordans that's the shit I can't ignore
I'm bout to speak, lyrics seep, to my bloodstream
Promises I don't make, cause I don't plan to keep not one of em
Stop everyone of em, bullshit laws I don't stomach not one of them
Follow my a spot where my money will stay increasing
And negativity don't hit the beacon

Track Name: The Hustle
Intro: Yeah, got my 90's flow

Everyday it be the same old, shit that I can't hold, emcees nowadays can't flow, they diarrhea
Toilet bowl rappers, semi pro actors, sluggish with the money but they say they proactive
Going broke not to look bummy, that's so backwards, sold half of your soul not even to go gold
But for a couple hos and them jewels you barely own, it seems you barely on
Know you hungry close to homeless homie, hoping ya homies don't abandon the phony when you get on E
Them hos got you gassed up like your sickness can't sneeze
Getting smothered for the cheese and you feel you can't breathe
Life's a bitch and she fucks everybody, so God is the pimp, if you believe in that shit
I'm just saying, tryna fake it to make it will often times only have you make it to the fakeness

Hook: Hustlers, players, strippers, gangsters, gone get your money don't you let nobody take it/ Know what you want, zero in where you aiming/ Know why you want it and you won't need to explain it/ Mothers, daughters, brothers, fathers, gone get your money, work hard don't feed the drama/ Provide best you can, don't depend on open hands, close your hands in prayer and understand/ You gotta hustle/

I'm sick of this, people using music to spread pollution crucial
Hypnotized by the media so the medium influenced
And you can be sick as influenza but if your mission isn't fuck mentalities up they figure
No progression is better than some, but I rather parlay inside of the molecules of knowledge remaining cool
Gain enough wealth to never need some food stamps
No EBT, then we don't eat cause every penny that get made every bill gone squeeze
That's real talk for a nigga, go against guns and you real soft for a nigga
Nigga, don't really have a definition; accept being too ignorant to ever listen
Money must be made but power it gotta stay, so nowadays you aint gotta be black to be a slave
The one percent fuck the other 99 so in sense, poverty equals equality now am I making sense?


I forgot to inform ya'll beforehand
Tarzan, couldn't swing on the bars I perform when my verse forms in
See; that's the problem with ya'll, ya'll ride beats I make beats ride with me that's how I eat
Hustle what you sell best in, make it interesting
Stay away from deceit, make your mind a better garden
Share it with your seed, treat the knowledge like it's water
Pour it til the spores spring forward to absorb it
Watch progression of your seed grow a flower as it flourish
See your baby shine with a stable mind of endurance
Take a pause to collect my thoughts
Hustle hard, tryna score just to express my thought
Get caught lost, crossed in a web I think I made
Nowadays get sick from the fake, can't give a warning there aint shit to display
Except a bunch of dumb niggas, who halfway hustle just to be accepted, I guess then

Track Name: Suggestions
See i'm from a place, where people can't explain
We all tryna live, even though a different way
Some people go to school while others learn from the street
Was born in a state where you can't learn from police, 5 to 10
I don't peep channel 2, cause FOX gone tell me something to mess up my mood
All the while the youth under impression, listening to these records
About how to use guns but no protection
So now they humping, lack the understanding barely comprehend what love is they take that shit for granted
And consequently, sex is given too quickly, so babies getting pregnant, different diseases spreading
Less college kids, more niggas just tryna live CAN'T
Calculate no numbers unless it's a dollar bill AINT
That a damn shame people tryna be free
Put the blame on the schools like the knowledge aint free

Hook: Damn, stuck up in this whirlwind tryna help a couple people out but the catch is/ If it aint money they aint really interested, so i'm stuck giving suggestions/ I suggest ya'll, give these words a little thought/ Tune it out your ears and start to listen with your heart and/ Don't be afraid, keep the ignorance at bay/ It's cool to be you, embrace opportunity change/

Same thang, day different though, I'm living for
A better chance for advancement, living lavishly handsome
Where my momma can take trips to France and, buy herself a belt to match the pants leg
But even through her happiness there's a void
I didn't fill for a hungry little kid
Cause how we living is it's our own first
Survival of the fittest, money feel we need it though we spend it recklessly becoming permanently greedy
Praying Jesus Lord, be involved with these problems we endure, leave em solved
Sin I commit will no longer be upon me
So many guns in the hood we an army
But we struggle cause we living, living because we struggle
Screaming because the truth is what the media will muzzle
Cause a black man's worst nightmare is just respect
Without fear or regret, equality from the step like


I try to speak to em, but the speech I preach don't reach deep, just flee my lips to cease to exist
Unheard because my words don't propagate thee absurd, the strongest voice gets forced to observe
A silenced lesson, hidden behind aggression, but so fed up with the bullshit I die of stressing
Children view Kool-Aid as juice, I guess it's peachy
But all that damn sugar a calling for diabetes
But they don't know about that, they don't feed themselves
Little momma moaning daddy though her father been in jail her whole life
She aint learn better than that, her mother, still in the club tryna earn a few racks
Her brother, now taking rest at the coroners pad, somebody blasted over some carty glasses
And her brother was the one the stray hit, going crazy over chains on some slave shit, got me thinking like

Track Name: My Life
Time goes through it's own tulips, don't hope too much
I knew one day, somebody say I smoke too much
So I calmed down, no didn't smoke less
I smoked more to calm down cause i'm so stressed
Used to be teased, until people figured that I could rap
Couldn't fight for a lick but I knew how to spit
So what I do, moved, to another frame of mind
Niggas swear they so cool, but i'm like an Ice Cube
Friday nights, I was lost so insane
And the gang I hanged with would do the same thing cause we lame as shit
At least titled that by our peers
Can't imagine this life in a couple years
Long trips to school car broke down
With no money to get it fixed, fuck a college benefit
One semester, now a nigga owe a couple thousand
While these mothafuckas smiling

Hook: My life, my pain, my sunshine, my rain/ My losses, my glories, and this is my story/ My heartaches, my love, everything all between and above/ The warm nights, when it's stormy, and this is my story/

If I was religious, God's gift I would call these visions
A time when money isn't in mind, and I hand that thought to lost cash cause money isn't in mine
Gotta work everyday just to survive
Hold up, once upon a time four months
Whole family aint have heat, so what?
People aint pitch in thank goodness, the stove we had, worked off of watts not gas
I learned quick, stay laid back like perm kits
And never let a woman get your heart
The moment that you trust that, go and adjust that, the heart that you gave her, she'll definitely crush that and that's
Coming from a man once in love, now I only trust myself put no one else above
And that's coming from a man once in love, now I only trust myself put no one else above


Betrayal the worst thing, it hurts at first
Gets worse then begets the thirst for vengeance
The same bitches you once lusted, you now find disgusting
Plotting to get rich off of your work, you acknowledge but ignore first
The attendance of the truth in the room you discard on pur-pose
Denying that you lonely as a bitch and the cost to exist is a coexistence based around your expenses
Expensive habits you developed to manage a future of people around you
Closest when you down to pennies, need a dollar quick, and they know you gone give it, that's why you niggas kick it
And the kick is, I know how this shit is, get exposed to bullshit everyday that i'm living
Every night, every thought i'm like, let me get this money, i'll be off alright

Track Name: Visions
Cold days and even colder nights
Money somehow still divide, while my problems multiply
Add in all these hos, these haters, the snakes
The lies, subtract all the real until it's fake
So I keep my eyes, buck wide
Don't quit, crunch time
Things are hard, don't come easy, gotta wait ya turn, lunch line
Claiming the gold but got coal in my bag
Feel like my future controlling my past
Thinking bout music, I know I can do it but visions is all that I have
Take a break, I should but if I do then i'd be slipping
Cause then some other fool can slide into my position
That i'm holding, hoping for granted they will never take me
They views 32 bit but i'm in HD
That's why they can't compute what i'm say-ing
Living like a movie in my mind that's why i'm play-ing
Fast forward the sad shit, pass the past tense I remain G
Living in my future through my thoughts, my visions

Hook: Soaring up, but something pulling down/ Trying to get my feet up off the ground/ I'm living through my visions thinking I gotta make it to the top, get positioned in that legendary spot/ (x2)

If perception is the view, I can definitely choose
My path amongst the heavens, never let my spirit lose
Any control i'm willing to own up, feel on my own but
Got a few people, who through all the evils, I consider them equal
In conscious, so my conscious evolves all of my content
So on tour, the crowd roars go so hard they mosh pit
Screaming my name, repping the FAME Gang
Wanna come up on the same stage, I happen to maintain
They want my autograph, an instant photo flash, so they can show their friends and use that shit brag
Then tell them bout the fun the after party had, the crazed amount of liquor, the marijuana bags
But this was just a thought, I had inside my head
Keep living through my visions, imagine life so grand but then
I gotta wake up, see my life the way it is, never live this way again, I have to reach my visions


-Bass rides out-
Track Name: Can I?
Hook: I know your man don't give you love enough, so let me help you free your mind/ Even though your heart saying i'm runner up, I can't guarantee you mine/ I just wanna fuck, have a little fun, smoke a little weed, get a little buzzed, so um/ Baby can I hit or something, let me know if I can hit it/

Been friends had a lot of long talks
Even when your man made you wanna walk off
I tried to understand why you love him so hard (why?)
But that's not my problem at all
See, he don't treat you right, but I can get you nice
And we can keep it going, it's not just for tonight
But I don't mean for life, cause I am not your man
I'm trying to be your partner, don't misunderstand (please don't)
Talking love against the rules, I can't cheat nor can you
You are grown and I am too, I propose this kind of truce
To relieve us both from stress that could stretch inside a noose
So when your man starts to tripping I can come confine in you
To go inside a place that causes you to finely tune
And realize that this dick is what it is you're vibing to
Kinda soon you'll be cumming kinda smooth, now every time you think you think about me panties drowning in a pool (splash)


I aint judging, you and I aint public
Your pussy golden, that's why I aint trying to budget
You say he different, barely meet recognition
I'm, willing to listen, plus my dick is consistent
But don't get to the point you like me
Cause i'm married to this game and i'm just looking for a mistress
Disrespect isn't what I meant to interject
Your stress can take a rest if you and I get into sex
Before you start to trip and say a nigga bold as fuck
Just remember i'm trying to give you love without loving ya
And you dare to say i'm selfish, like I only want your body when i'm really trying to help it
Ya man aint give it time to marinate, fucking with me will have ya panties wet everyday
I'm saying that, I mean it too, let's have some, just me and you



I'm sorry sweetie, saying you L.O.V me is like a dummy mission guarantee won't change a thang
But it doesn't mean we can't continue fucking does it?
And if it does, at least to you, then listen up
I'm a man plus i'm young with a lot of ambition
To kneel down proposing I suppose a failed mission
Told her only once that I coast for the fishes
Now her anger got her cooking like she stuck in hell's kitchen
Lip not needed, fuck her til she gotta pee or walk knock kneeded
Introduce her to mister, dick pistol, popping that ass right
You talking bout tomorrow over fucking last night (what?)
Sorry baby, I aint tryna be rude, you attractive but don't call me when i'm not in the mood
Talking bout your man and how it is that he a fool
Let's switch this conversation, this is what i'm tryna do

Track Name: Good Day
Fresher than a summer eve evening, chilling with a bad one
Windows down, cooling out laughing
Going for a ride through the city blowing haze, floating smooth
My colors coordinating with tunes
Looking to the right, super bad girl looking nice
With her for the day and I can't wait until tonight
Coconut ciroc got a brother feeling nice
Coolest fella out, where the ice?
All this shining, got me chilled out feeling timeless
Plus her pretty face got me smiling and she aint even trying
She just being there by my side it's, something bout her aura I aint finding
Which is why i'm lost in her eyes, not often surprised but I can tell she's an angel just off her design
Yes her blueprint divine and this day is a breeze, boy I hope this day never leaves


Kushed out, or maybe kushed up
Pockets not empty and my wallet cushioned
I might take this chick hit the stu and make a song
Leave from out of there, grab a hotel suite and get it on
Just chilling, aint seen money cops
Saw me looking fresh and even though i'm black he didn't stop
Instead he shook his head to the tunes that I was playing
And I was playing me, i'm just saying
This day aint had a bad thing yet, it usually gets
Bad to worst but today isn't
Is it me or am I beyond free, of stress and this dime piece don't mind where my mind seeks
She smooth, hanging along for the ride
No complaining she complacent here as we glide
Vibes cool pay no attention to time, can't believe it, this day has been the perfect surprise


The day is coming to a closure, was peaceful, i'm sad though
Wishing the sun would give an encore
Look into the sky, not an eyesore vivid
More like the moon trying to shine exclusively on the car that I sit in
This is unbelievable, if my life was a movie today this channel i'd have to leave it on
Hitting the hotel up, but not before she finish rolling the blanket used to warm up my buds,
Uh, we on the way to room now, feeling fired up but soon enough gone hit the cool down
In the jacuzz now, bubbles up smooth now
Moist towel at the door, made the smoke sooth out
And even though neighbors smell a little smoke
They aint even tripping they just leaving us alone
Such a good day, let the kush bake on my lips
Damn she looking hella moist, it's time to take a sip

-Final Break-
Track Name: Working
Nighttime, the moment emerging with right mind
If life is like a movie, then a movie's like mine
In my lifetime witnessed the nonsense of being broke
Too be honest i'm still kinda surviving off of flow
Plus my momma pitch a helping a lot
So when I get this money i'ma tell her pick whatever off the lot
Then tell her pick her favorite spot so she can live up in the crib
She imagined through her thoughts, what it is
My nigga this is real, not only do I spit MIchigan music
My family roots Mississippi my grandfather kept it pimping
But that was him and i'm city, my momma knew the south so i'm just saying it is in me
But then again i'm spitting plenty for that state titled M.I,, N.Y. type of lyricism in my hip hopper state of mind
What is typical i'm ripping way beyond
So get your credentials straight and stop checking into mine, fa real

Hook: I be that, hip hopper on my steez/ Known worldwide but they don't know bout me/ I'm hip hop, and I aint never gotta fake shit, i'm on my grind tryna make shit happen/ (x2)

My flow is vicious, I don't have to spit fictitious, if you dictionary real Rob Doe is the definition
Stay honest with the kind of vibe of knocking that I am rocking with, I X men out, Apocalypse
You can check my status and find reason to say I seem gay
While i'm up in your check mind just like i'm Jean Grey
Or Xavier, now she in my class trying to learn something
Michigan mash on that ass let her earn something
Then after i'm done the faculty come, a gang bang fa real, they all packing some guns
I guess she loose, just know that I had her first
No time did I have to love her cause damn it I gotta work
Got my music, working hard to make my work sound exclusive
Comparing to me, boy are you stupid?
You must be, to think you could approach and crush me
You'd be lucky to touch me, boy, I stay working


There is no confusion, have no need to elude your refusal
Of love of my music based on your delusions
Yeah, I know I arrogantly finish every track that I speak on
It's a wrap cause my raps got your girl on the net tryna track like a bea-con
And if she find where I might be it's likely
I'm laying down the pipe like I have a contract for them panties that she leak on
Peon, pissed cause you pee'd on, it wouldn't be on
This tip if your ass didn't sleep on my hotness nigga
Stay about this living, can't stop how i'm feeling, til your hands to the ceiling raised up
Hold not a cent of my sense back, I gladly pay up
Cause i'm all about the future while you lagging straight up
Move forward, regular day hoarders, never can make a dollar stuck with quarters
But me, I stay working

Track Name: Hometown (ft. Phokuzd)
Intro: [Talking]

-Hook no vocals-

Summer nights, carty frames, 15's packed up in the trunk
Mauri kicks, Monte Carlo boxes inches 26
Bad bitches everywhere, D caps are everywhere
Here you gotta grind, start from March back to Februar-E
Aint a thang for me to rep where I was given birth
Michigan is clearly where this brother learned to get his turn
Pushing other people out the way I gotta go
If you plan on visiting then there's one thing you gotta know
We're not all about the bad, don't wake up just to blast
Would rather set the summer at Somerset with the tags
Cars classic, dipped in a big three fashion
Built Ford Tough, every chump we smashing
Eminem, Royce 5'9, Blade IceWood, Big Sean, Trick Trick, K Deezy My Hood
Elzhi, Young Roc, Scolla, Nick Varcity
Motown, invented soul sound, can't mess with my

Hook: Forever repping for my state, Michigan is where them legends are made/ Understand I got my (hometown), and I aint changing it for nothing/ Take the bad with all the good and make it something, damn right, I rep my (hometown)/ And i'ma keep on with the keep on, never wear a fitted unless a D on/ that's repping for my (hometown)...yeah I rep it for my hometown/

Welcome to my city, ingenuity and youth
The city of Dilla, Blade, Em, Royce, and Proof
I'm a motown playa, in the midst of a recession
The people still moving to my music at the present
And to my city, I have always had a deep connection
In it, became a man and overcome my depression
Searching for love from these girls and they affection
Only had me busting and dipping to get my next one
Yes son, I speak the gift, a verbal Smith and Wesson
English class attended and a nigga learned his lesson
In Cass, decided I would take this rap shit serious
But the upper classman wasn't hearing us, gearing up
To take over the world, fuck the paper
This a revolution what we doing for the greater
State of Michigan, got the whole city out behind me
All that gangsta shit doesn't excite me, nah, not in my (hometown)

-Break [talking]-

Rob Doe, yeah my name is that
Give a fuck about who talk that nonsense behind my back, look at that
Claim that they gone beat my ass cause I come slaying every track
You aint never heard another brother do it like this
Going grizzly, is this Tekken i'ma Kuma my shit
Yes I do it like that, mad you can't do it like this
Bitch I rep that M.I. state, plus my clique that FAME Gang
This a movement, more than music, we endure the same thang as you
So stop being a lame hating dude
Who wouldn't make a difference if it came down to him
So instead of bowing to em, i'd rather raise a fist
Viewing something similar to downtown, you know the fist
And if you don't bitch take a trip, and see that sign of power
Even through all of the violence we somehow still live inside
Some soldiers see us riding on the back of silver Lions
Shooting Pistons, Red Wing flying, in my mothafucking hometown!